フロー Eclipse Furo #

Eclipse Furo offers simple, enterprise-tailored, language-independent API development. It can handle multiple sources of truth and generates border-crossing type and service definitions.

Furo provides tools for quickly prototyping and building your API’s functionality.

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Enterprise ready

Open for integrations, easy to expand, simple to automate, adapts to company processes and technology independent.

API first

API First is one of our engineering and architecture principles. By defining APIs outside the code, we want to facilitate early review feedback and also a development discipline that focus service interface design on:

  • profound understanding of the domain and required functionality
  • generalized business entities / resources, i.e. avoidance of use case specific APIs
  • clear separation of WHAT vs. HOW concerns, i.e. abstraction from implementation aspects — APIs should be stable even if we replace complete service implementation including its underlying technology stack
  • single source of truth for the API specification

Language agnostic

Define your types once and use them on any layer from the frontend to the backend.

Easy to write

The furo interface definition language (FIDL) makes it easy to define your types and services.

# This is an example µSpec for a type
- type: 'person.Client #A generic client.'
    id: '* string:1 #This field is required (*).'
    name: '- string:2 #This one is readonly (-).'
    tags: '[] string:3 #This one is repeated ([]).'

Stay In Sync

The different specification formats can be used as a source or a sink or both of them. Some have a higher information density, Furo can keep them in sync for you.

graph LR µSpec --> Spec Spec --> Proto Proto --> µSpec Spec --> µSpec

Multiple Sources Of Truth Supported

You have the choice from multiple definition formats as your source of truth. This can be *.proto or one of the FIDLs (µSpec, spec).

Read more here, to find out what fits best for you.


Furo comes with proto as default output, but is not limited to proto. With furoc you can write your own output formats.

Configurable Flows

The commands of Furo can be configured as flows (chain of commands). You can also add your custom commands and add them at any point to your flow.

furo run build

graph LR µSpec2Spec --> genMessageProtos genMessageProtos --> Protoc(protoc -I...) Protoc --> Publish(publish)

フロー Eclipse Furo Web #

In addition to a set of web components, Furo Web also offers JavaScript modules for integration. Any web framework can be connected using the JavaScript integration modules. Or simply integrate your favourite web component library such as Carbon Web Components, Spectrum Web Components, Momentum UI or many others.

Core Web Components

Furo Core Web Components provides an enterprise ready set of web components which play seamlessly with Furo. Based on web standards and future proved. Compliant with any technology of choice. With minimal footprint it includes all enterprise standards, i18n, theming, etc

Flow Based Programming

Furo-FBP is like programmable HTML, no deep javascript knowledge is needed to write an application. viz The flowbased programming paradigm results in less complex and more flexible code.