eBook Tutorial

Creating an enterprise-flavoured ToDo application from scratch with the Furo Web Stack #

Foreword #

Hi! This guide is intended to simplify the introduction to the FURO Web Stack. The tutorial is based on a realistic story. You will explore:

Getting Started #

We recommend 2+ years of programming experience in JavaScript / HTML / CSS and a basic knowledge of Protocol Buffers. Experiences in Go is also a plus. But don’t worry, you don’t have to be an expert.

Complete the free 17 lectures of A Tour Of Go2 to get familiar with the syntax and basic concepts.

Setup the project #

Visit the Furo ToDo Github repository and follow the installation instructions. https://github.com/theNorstroem/todo-management-tool

Book Intro #

The book guides you along a story through the functions of Eclipse Furo. Please check out the GitHub branch for the corresponding chapter. A checkout is marked with the

>_ git checkout ...